Qualified native French teacher specialised in French for foreigners. Lessons for all levels and all ages in groups or one-to-one. Conversation, grammar, translation and business French. Classes in your home, Graduated from the Alliance française

Program tailored to particular needs, interests, requirements and availibility.To allow one to become independent in daily life and in everyday situations, lessons are focused primarily on communication.

Personalised packages from individual French lessons for all levels of student from beginner to advanced. The courses are suitable for personal or business needs.All purposes / All levels : children , teenagers, adults, language schools, business..


Special tailored programs with AIM Language Learning method

What is the AIM?

AN innovative and efficient accelerated method   with gestures and high frequency basic french language (AIM language learning method) 

The Accelerative Integrated Method (AIM) is being used in thousands of schools around the world. It has been referred to as a revolution for second language teaching and learning! It is a unique program because it uses gestures, a specific researched pared down language, stories and music to rapidly develop students fluency. AIM turned my teaching practice upside down and changed the second language learning experience for my students. AIM is fun for all involved and because it covers the multiple intelligences making the language accessible for all the different types of learners. The results in a short space of time are compelling.


Les cours s'adressent à tous les publics :

- enfants primo-arrivants - remise à niveau pour suivre une scolarité française- 






The Accelerative Integrated Methodology (AIM) will enable you to develop a working proficiency in the French language.

AIM brings true transformation to the experience of teaching and learning a second language by using these key strategies:

  • Gestures are used to introduce and reinforce vocabulary and enable a target-language only environment. These visual and kinesthetic props allow new words and associated grammar to pass directly to meaning, so there is no need to translate back into the first language.
  • Useful, key words are taught first. The most useful and highest-frequency words have been carefully selected and are introduced within the first few hours of instruction, giving students the tools they need to communicate from the very first class.
  • Content-based instruction has been carefully designed to create an Immersion-like experience where students focus on task-based activities relating to dramatic arts and literacy.
  • An inductive, contextualized approach to grammar ensures abstract grammar concepts are taught in a meaningful way. Grammar raps help students understand language patterns. Students are amazed to discover that grammar can be both cool and fun!

Méthode ludique et originale permettant des progrès rapides  en s’amusant !

Jeux, improvisations, exercices de diction  (Pédagogie inspirée de AIM Language learning)

Apprentissage gestuel de la langue française


Activities focused on non-verbal and verbal components of the language

Using of drama approach as a teaching aid in learning French

Enhance your language skills   and self-confidence through gestures, mimes, storytelling





Information about AIM

French language workshops at Créa-langues

I have been teaching French for several years  at Créa-langues which offers  total immersion Intensive courses for adults in Provence .

So, i am at your disposal for any information about this school located

at the monastère de Ségriès close to Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.